....the art of creative introspection.

Third Eye Operations and


Licenses & Certifications:

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (ret.)
  • Exploring Perception & Personality through MBTI - Cadwalder Behavioral Center
  • Jungian Dream Interpretation Certification- Jung Center Houston, Tx
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Tradition
  • Padmacahaya Reiki Tummo
  • The Reconnection - Dr. Eric Pearl
  • Akashic Records Certified Practitioner- Linda Howe/Center for Akashic Records

Through Third Eye Operations I offer two opportunities for understanding and exploring the nature of creative energy in an entirely new framework.

First I offer exhibits of my work to galleries, organizations and guilds for the purpose of speaking to the role creativity plays in the expansion of awareness and personal insight.  Creative energy can reveal a type of profound insight one can only glean from within.  Having touched upon this experience, the axiom "All the answers are inside of you." becomes an experience rather than a platitude. 

We are creative energy incarnate!  It is my hope that in simply being a voice for this truth I can encourage people to understand the difference between what is considered "art" and the simple act of embracing creative energy.  While we are not all artists, we are all creative! Once we begin to aim this aspect of ourselves in the direction of insight, self-understanding and spiritual awakening, there is no limit to what we can discover and explore.  This leads me to the second thing I offer through Third Eye Operations... Creative Introspection Guidance sessions and group workshops.


as a personal empowerment and healing modality.

Creative introspection; the use of creative energy for personal insight, is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those that are determined to hold onto their old ideas and 'lessons learned'.  Creative energy is alive and most of all it is PRESENT!  Used as an introspective tool it will meet you exactly where you are and reveal and expose aspects of self, society and beyond without restraint.  It will inform unconditionally and bring your deepest truths to the surface layer by layer. 

Creative introspection is not 'art therapy'.  In fact it has nothing to do with art! I am referring to the use of creative energy for the purpose of exploring the very meaning of life....beyond everything you have ever been taught or told.  Creative introspection reveals YOUR answers, born from within YOUR very being... and NO ONE has those answers but YOU!  

Toward this purpose I offer Creative Introspection guidance sessions. These center around the larger questions of life and deeply personal explorations. These gatherings are primarily suited to those who have found little solace in the institutional teachings of science, education and religion. This is soul work.

I simply serve as a guide for the creative introspection process itself.  This work was not taught to me in a traditional sense.  It simply revealed itself to me over three decades as I committed myself to the larger questions of life.  As I became willing to look deeply into my own personal conditioning and beliefs, I explored many traditions and modalities. Some resulted in licenses and certifications, however none of these held the essence of what I was in search of.  The problem is I was looking 'out there' for the answers I sought.  But the revelations I needed were hidden deep beneath the countless answers we find 'out there' in the traditions, modalities, philosophies and conditioning we are raised with.  Only when I came to undo the bulk of everything I had ever believed did I make room for awareness.  Awareness lives in the present moment and arises as it is needed.  It is not found in education, religion, science, metaphysics or any other discipline. Creative Introspection guidance assists in the undoing of these and the realization of personal awareness!  

Third Eye Operations

Third Eye Operations is a container for sharing my relationship with creative energy and the creative expressions associated with something I have come to call Creative Introspection.  Insight has been my greatest teacher and has predominately shown up in my life through the creative process. Because of this I wanted a place to share my work and hopefully encourage others to explore introspection through creative expression.

As a retired counselor, energy worker and an artist who has deliberately taken the road less traveled in these arenas, I have reaped tremendous rewards in spiritual riches and synchronistic occurrences.

Life has been a glorious fools journey in the spirit of the first card of the Tarot for this April's child.  A true Aries, full of high spirited ideas and a willingness to leap into any adventure, it took me a while to understand why there wasn't a clamoring crowd on this endless journey. But there is indeed a reason this is called 'the road less traveled'. Fortunately I embraced my introversion and imperfections and carried on despite a society big on extroverted social interaction and endless productivity and superficial obsessions.