Interpreting the Imagery

Interpretation is as individual as the person looking into the painting.  For me, the moment this painting emerged an awareness of its message began to unfold inside of me.  I knew immediately upon seeing the white bearded central figure in this painting that he was a reflection of my late husband. He had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly only a short time before this painting emerged.  I also knew that the two figures holding hands, looking at one another, represented our walk together in this life and beyond. The third figure, in shadow between those two, represented an axiom that we held proclaiming, 'where there are two in relationship, a third is formed'. This was the 'us' of he and I, the eternal aspect of our union. That his 'hands' are seemingly resting over that shadowed figure in a prayerful pose or embrace of the crown spoke to me of his ongoing guidance and protection of that aspect. The small face at the base of the painting immediately brought up an awareness of the inner child work that our lives and careers as counselors had revolved around.  There are other, less obvious details in this painting that speak to me of the character and wisdom reflected in my late husband's life. He was an amazing man, a Merlin of sorts, and has continued to guide and influence my path even in his non-physical aspect.


Here is what is meant by "The deeper you look the more you discover."



To understand that this painting simply emerged without any thought of the things mentioned in my interpretation is to truly understand the nature of this work.  It is largely created in a process I have come to call 'blind mono-printing'.  Details are then added as I am led to pull them from the initial imagery.  Only then does the interpretation begin to unfold inside of me. In this original painting almost no details were added. The blind mono-printing process produced the imagery almost completely as is.  Because of the profound personal nature of this particular painting, I have reproduced a larger, color version as a portrait of my late husband and his journey through life, enhancing the imagery in this rendition.

- The deeper you look the more you discover.  

Our first language is symbolic, not verbal. Inner wisdom speaks most profoundly in this way. The Interiorem series activates this symbolic language and expands intuitive awareness as it ignites imagination. As awareness expands, in-sight dawns. In this way each Interiorem painting offer endless possibilities. 

​What do you see? First take a long look into this image. Explore it and note what you see. Then read about what I found inside the imagery and see if it matches yours.

Right off the bat, at the top of this heart shaped image I see a dark winged creature flying away...but wait...isn't there a face in the center of those wings? Or maybe 2 faces in profile, staring at one another?  And just under the outstretched wings I see 2 more faces in profile, one on each side, looking away from one another.  Then surely you see the two large black birds facing one another from the edges.  Just under them I see two more fellows in profile facing a small golden orb.  In the center of the image is a large, black, winged insect whose wing tips show two more faces staring away from one another, in profile silhouette.  Below them the insect's tail morphs into a whitish-gold horned figure sticking out his tongue.

What a story this image inspires!

Is it a crest? A door knocker? Is it a pendant or tallisman worn by royalty or a magician perhaps? Have the figures been trapped inside or are they figureheads representing guardians of the golden orb? The possibilities are as endless as ones imagination!