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The gallery to the right offers images of a few of the pieces in my personal collection.  Digital images can't convey the texture and depth of this series. They truly need to be experienced in person to get the full impact of just how rich these tiny paintings are. Some were painted on smooth, archival card stock. Others were painted on archival quality bamboo paper. Once I began the miniature series, I found that the bamboo paper had no rival when it came to details and texture so now I use it exclusively. 

For me these tiny paintings hold a wealth of information and insight. I both lose and find aspects of myself within them. They speak to me on an intimate, intuitive level and convey a kind of emotional insight that is beyond language.  It is for this reason that I regard these paintings as the most meaningful of all my artwork. I feel as though I truly found my unique creative voice when these expressions found me.

The emergence of this work at a time of great personal transition is not lost on me. As one who has always used creative energy as an introspective tool, these little gems ushered in an awakening in me that I could have never imagined. Perhaps that is why I continue to find such meaning and depth in them.  They serve as an ongoing reflection of the multi-dimensional awareness that continues to awaken and intrigue me.

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....the art of creative introspection.

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