....the art of creative introspection.


Viewing the paintings

All of the miniature paintings in the Gallery Interiorem series are signed originals. Ranging in size from a mere inch to a maximum of six inches, this miniature series had its inception in larger works. However, once I started working small, there was no turning back! With a magnifying glass, minuscule brushes and the very tip of very sharp pencils in hand, I see no end in sight for this series. ​These miniature works, along with several initial larger paintings in this series are available to the public through the Third Eye Operations program.

About the Artist.....

I am one of those seemingly rare birds that simply fell in love with the journey of awakening into expanded awareness. Fortunately I met others, ahead of me on that path, who have given me a hand up to ever higher and higher states of consciousness.  My desire is to to pay that forward through the dialogue surrounding this unique artwork.  This series began in 2012 and has continues to this day.  It ushered in many personal revelations and connected me to aspects of my own multi-dimensional nature in ways I was far from understanding at the time. Visual imagery dances upon our psyche and touches our soul in mysterious ways.  It has the potential to break us open and heal us at the same time. This artwork came spontaneously like a portal into my own awakening.  Only in hindsight have I been able to grasp the shift this work initiated in me.  Perhaps the same energy can similarly serve others.  Artists know that the language of imagery is a powerful force.

Susan 'Storey' Harmon

Creative Introspection

The introspective nature of pulling from within that which hides in the shadows of our psyche, has compelled me and influenced my artwork for decades. It is the outward expression of this passion that these works of art most convey.

Navigating the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for many years has led to spontaneous encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. These aspects are central to both my work and my life. A strong creative skill set allows me to plan very loosely, if at all. In this way the work itself inspires and guides me as it unfolds. I am often intrigued by the unexpected results, and never more so than with the Interiorem series.


A Deck of Cards depicting several of the images are in the works.  The goal is to readily put these multi-dimensional images in the hands of: 

  • parents to engage and encourage imaginative story-telling.
  • adults and older kids to be used as a gateway into conversations about the multi-dimensional nature of reality.
  • teachers to jumpstart imaginative projects or writing assignments with their students.
  • anyone who wants a non-threatening way to introduce the idea that life itself is always about 'more than meets the eye'.
  • counselors or simply journalers to use as introspective tools or soul mirrors to spark what is ready to rise to the surface.
  • anyone who wants to facilitate an avenue away from digital media
  • facilitators to use as an interactive ice breaker game for informal gatherings or workshops.

Like the artwork itself, the uses for the cards are only as limited as one's imagination.  

Third Eye Operations and

About the series....

The Gallery Interiorem paintings activate the viewers 'inner gallery', inviting wonder and igniting imagination as they entice exploration, discovery and individual interpretation.  Unlike traditional artwork, most paintings in this miniature series are not titled nor do they have stories attached to them. This is intentional. Each is realized in the eyes of the beholder through the activated imagination. They are in effect, wordless poems, image-stories awaiting a story teller.  

This hide-and-seek aspect of the creatures and beings tucked into these monochromatic landscapes of imagination do not appear the same to all. But, once shared they emerge in full view. Some paintings are simple and straight-forward, others intricately complex, but each is a reflection of the beholder as they weave the story only they can see.  In this way they are mirrors into which we can explore the non-physical aspects of ourselves.

We each have an inner gallery, unique in symbolism and meaning. The world pulls us away from this as it 'defines' everything, thus placing us into carefully crafted boxes.  I have come to the awareness that the moment something is named, much of it is lost to us. Once a definition is applied to that name, the rest goes, and with it the wonder and awe of exploration and imagination. Ultimately we are left with a 'thing' that, like our defined selves, becomes limited and bound in third dimensional awareness. Leaving something unnamed and undefined is much like refusing to capture or tame a creature of the wild.  It is free to simply be.  

My hope is that through this multi-layered imagery questions and ideas about the nature of our multi-dimensional reality approachable and can be explored in a non-threatening way.  I believe this is valuable in our Aquarian age of revelation. What if, like these images, we are more than meets the eye?  What if our bodies are merely avatars for experiencing consciousness at this level of reality?  What if we have aspects of our eternal essence on many levels of awareness, higher and lower? What if we look deeper into our world/government/religion/educational institutes/corporations/etc. and find layers and layers of hidden truths disguised as a single entity?  I have explored this quest-ioning for decades and it is amazing what unfolds.  Conversations around 'what if' are jumping off points, opening the door to knowing and experiencing our true self; the infinite, eternal essence that we are....existing throughout many levels or dimensions of awareness. Such conversations scare a lot of people who have been unknowingly conditioned away from them.  

One of my favorite applications with this art work is having parents use it to weave multi-layered bedtime stories with their children.  Igniting imagination and possibility thinking is key to raising curious, free-thinking children!  On a final note I want to share a personal experience with regard to this work.  I have realized that creative expression is a reflection of who I am. Because not all who look into these tiny vistas see the same imagery, it's not unusual for someone to point out details that I did not consciously paint or even perceive upon completion, thus exposing my own 'gallerie interiorem' (inner gallery). I absolutely love it when that happens!  More of me to unravel and explore!  An endless journey into the expansion of consciousness and my own multi-dimensional awareness.