Navigating the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for many years has led to spontaneous encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. These aspects are central to both my work and my life. A strong creative skill set allows me to plan very loosely, if at all. In this way the work itself inspires and guides me as it unfolds. I am often intrigued by the unexpected results, and never more so than with the Interiorem series.

Each painting in this series begins with a process I have developed which I call 'blind mono-printing'. Using this approach, there is no way to know what will initially emerge. Following this initial stage of the work I am then lured into the creative process to discover where each painting wants to go. This engages my curiosity and intuitive nature in the creative process. Unlike traditional approaches to creativity, very little 'decision making' is involved in the process.  This frees me from the mental chatter that can block the creative impulse itself.  This completely eliminates the anxiety and quandary that artists often experience at the start of a new work.  

This spontaneous approach to creativity is perhaps is why I can see no end in sight for this series. Though it began in 2012, for me it is as fresh and exciting to approach now as it was that very first day.  It has become a personal practice in meditation and contemplation.


- The deeper you look the more you discover.  

About the Artist.....



About the series....

The Interiorem paintings activate the viewers 'inner gallery', inviting wonder and igniting imagination as they entice exploration, discovery and individual interpretation.  Unlike traditional artwork, most paintings in this miniature series are not titled nor do they have stories attached to them. This is intentional. Each is realized in the eyes of the beholder through the activated imagination. They are in effect, wordless poems, image-stories awaiting a story teller.  

This hide-and-seek aspect of the creatures and beings tucked into these monochromatic landscapes of imagination do not appear the same to all. But, once shared they emerge in full view. Some paintings are simple and straight-forward, others intricately complex, but each is a reflection of the beholder as they weave the story only they can see.  In this way they are mirrors into which we can see the non-physical aspects of ourselves.

We each have an inner gallery, unique in symbolism and meaning. The world pulls us away from this as it 'defines' everything, thus placing us into carefully crafted boxes.  I have come to the awareness that the moment something is named, much of it is lost to us. Once a definition is applied to that name, the rest goes, and with it the wonder and awe of exploration and imagination. Ultimately we are left with a 'thing' that, like our defined selves, becomes limited and bound in third dimensional awareness. Leaving something unnamed and undefined is much like refusing to capture or tame a creature of the wild.  It is free to simply be.  

Susan 'Storey' Harmon

Creative Introspection

The introspective nature of pulling from within that which hides in the shadows of our psyche, has compelled me and influenced my artwork for decades. It is the outward expression of this passion that these works of art most convey.


About the paintings

All of the miniature paintings in the Interiorem series are signed originals. Ranging in size from a mere inch to a maximum of six inches, this miniature series had its inception in larger works. However, once I started working small, there was no turning back! With a magnifying glass, minuscule brushes and the very tip of very sharp pencils in hand, I see no end in sight for this miniature series. ​​

In offering a glimpse into this series I hope to encourage others to look deeply into the imagery that speaks to them, or better yet pick up a pen or brush and simply allow the emergence of what longs to be expressed.  Forget about the commercialism of 'art'. Move into what I call, 'creative introspection' and explore your depths without a preconceived idea of what it needs to look like.  Let go of what you are told is the purpose of 'art' or creativity and simply explore the deepest aspects of your soul through creative movement, be that paper and pen, brush, dance, music, stitch or whatever medium you embrace.  Just allow creative energy to flow and once it trusts the relationship you have with it, it will show you where it wants to go!