Miniature works of art activate the imagination's inner gallery, expand intuitive awareness and reconnect us to our infinite, eternal nature.   

Inspired by the work of Hermann Rorschach and an introspective philosophy for living, Susan 'Storey' Harmon creates intricate, multi-dimensional, paintings that morph and change as we peer into them. Activating a symbolic language, they ignite the imagination, invite interpretation, and awaken the intuitive story-teller within.  But that's only the beginning.

Storey uses the visual language of multi-dimensional imagery to spark humanity's curiosity about our own multi-dimensional nature as infinite, eternal beings.  This, and her dedication to awakening from the insidious programming designed to keep us from accessing the vast landscape of our abilities as such is her life work.

At first glance perhaps it is the imagery of winged creatures or exotic faces which beckon a closer look. Upon inspection however, landscapes morph and tiny beings seemingly cry to be pulled from obscurity and into the finished piece for all to see.....and individually interpret as they will. But it doesn’t end there because not all who look, actually see.  And among those who do see beyond the primary image, few initially recognize the same perceived imagery in the deeper levels.... until it is pointed out and shared. What a metaphor for the nature of waking consciousness reflected in society today!

As individuals we simply do not share the same level of conscious awareness. Nor do we share the same passion for the exploring the depths of our reality to expand that awareness.  The Gallerie Interiorum artwork series perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon. Some will see the initial image and move on. Others will linger over the image and find hidden layers of imagery while still others will weave intricate introspective stories from all aspects within the artwork.  

S. Storey Harmon

My own conscious journey into awakening began more that three decades ago.  Unlike many who began that climb with me I am one of those seemingly rare birds that simply fell in love with the journey into expanded awareness.  Fortunately I met others, ahead of me on that path, who have given me a hand up to ever higher and higher states of awareness.  My desire is to to pay that forward through the dialogue surrounding this unique artwork.  This series began in 2012 and has continues to this day.  It ushered in many personal revelations and connected me to aspects of my own multi-dimensional nature in ways I was far from understanding at the time. Visual imagery dances upon our psyche and touches our soul in mysterious ways.  It has the potential to break us open and heal us at the same time. This artwork came spontaneously like a portal into my own awakening.  Only in hindsight can I grasp the shift this work initiated in me.  Perhaps the energy that ushered it in can similarly serve others.  

My hope is that through this multi-layered imagery questions and ideas about the nature of our multi-dimensional reality approachable and can be explored in a non-threatening way.  I believe this is valuable in our Aquarian age of revelation. What if, like these images, we are more than meets the eye?  What if our bodies are merely avatars for experiencing consciousness at this level of reality?  What if we have aspects of our eternal essence on many levels of awareness, higher and lower? What if we look deeper into our world/government/religion/educational institutes/corporations/etc. and find layers and layers of hidden truths disguised as a single entity?  Conversations around 'what if' are jumping off points, opening the door to knowing and experiencing our true self; the infinite, eternal essence that we are....existing throughout many levels or dimensions of awareness. Such conversations scare a lot of people who have been unknowingly conditioned away from them.  One of my favorite applications with this art work is having parents use it to weave multi-layered bedtime stories with their children.  Igniting imagination and possibility thinking is key to raising curious, free-thinking children!

On a final note I want to share a personal experience with regard to this work.  I have realized that creative expression is a reflection of who I am. Because not all who look into these tiny vistas see the same imagery, it's not unusual for someone to point out details that I did not consciously paint or even perceive upon completion, thus exposing my own 'gallerie interiorem' (inner gallery). I absolutely love it when that happens!  More of me to unravel and explore!  An endless journey into the expansion of consciousness and my own multi-dimensional awareness.

"Those who look out dream.  Those who look in awaken." 
Carl Jung

Artist's Statement

The Gallerie Interiorem Series


....the art of creative introspection.


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